How a Dingy Smile Can Impact Your Mental Health

How a Dingy Smile Can Impact Your Mental Health

Most people wish they could change something about the way they look. But if your big issue is your teeth, that can be particularly problematic. When you feel like your teeth are dingy, you hide your smile. That directly impacts how you present yourself in a room, how you show up in pictures, and, it turns out, your mental health.

In fact, there’s so much science linking smiling with a wellbeing boost that Andrew Day, DDS, and our team at Modern Day Dental wanted to do what we could to help more people smile confidently. That’s why we offer teeth whitening right here at our office in Santa Clara, California. 

Are whiter teeth really that big of a deal? In some cases, yes. Let’s look at how your smile can impact your mental health.

The benefits of smiling

To understand why yellowed and stained teeth can be such an issue, it’s first helpful to understand why smiling matters.

We might not think much about cracking a grin, but smiling regularly delivers a wide range of serious perks, including:

That’s a pretty impressive lineup, not the least of which is the mood boost. When you smile, you activate pathways in your brain that can help to increase serotonin and dopamine production. Those two neurotransmitters directly impact your feelings of happiness and wellbeing.

In short, if you’re looking for a way to hack your mental health, smile. Even if it’s a fake smile, it still activates the parts of your brain that can help you feel better.

And that introduces the problem with a dingy smile. When you’re not confident about your teeth, you smile less. In fact, you might even avoid smiling. That means missing out on the mental health-supporting benefits we just outlined. 

Getting a brighter smile

Here’s the good news: Getting a smile you’ll be proud to show off isn’t hard. Here at Modern Day Dental, Dr. Day offers both KӧR® and Opalescence™ teeth-whitening systems. 

We can get your teeth up to 10 shades whiter with a single in-office treatment. Or, if you’d like to brighten your teeth at home, we can set you up with take-home whitening kits that use professional-grade products to give you the best results safely. 

Once your smile is bright and beautiful, you’ll feel more comfortable smiling more often. And that can help you get a mental wellness boost. 

All told, if yellowed or stained teeth are giving you a reason not to smile, it’s time to change things. Talk to our team, and we can recommend the best, most convenient teeth-whitening option for you. To get started, call our office or request an appointment online

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