Nervous About Seeing the Dentist? Here Are Some Helpful Strategies.

Nervous About Seeing the Dentist? Here Are Some Helpful Strategies.

With Halloween behind us, you might think the season for being scared is over. But an upcoming dentist’s appointment leaves many people feeling differently.

If you’re one of the many Americans living with a fear of going to the dentist, we want to help. Here at Modern Day Dental in Santa Clara, California, Andrew Day, DDS, and our team strive to create a welcoming, comfortable environment. Whether you’re visiting us for a routine dental exam or something more anxiety-inducing, like a filling, we work hard to help you feel relaxed.

In fact, in an effort to do just that, we wanted to share some strategies that can help to combat nervousness about visiting the dentist. 

#1: Talk to us

Don’t wait until you’re lying back with your mouth open to speak up. If you’re feeling nervous about your appointment, let us know right away. By the way, it’s totally normal to feel a little anxious, and we can help you through. 

If you’re someone who benefits from more information, for example, Dr. Day can let you know what he’s going to do at each part of the exam or procedure. We’re here to work with you to make your visit to our office the best experience possible.

#2: Bring your headphones

We won’t think it’s rude. Listening to music or, better yet, a calming meditation can help to take your mind off your nerves. Wearing your headphones during your appointment lets you distract yourself in whatever way works best for you. 

#3: Try breathing exercises

If you forget your headphones, don’t worry. You still have something with you that can help you combat nervousness: your breath. 

Breathing exercises like simply counting your breaths or doing a box breath can help to reduce your stress levels. Plus, focusing on your breath can help you take your mind off the work Dr. Day is doing in your mouth.  

#4: Set a signal

A lot of dental anxiety stems from the fear of losing control. It can be stressful to feel like you won’t be able to tell us what you need since we’ll be working in your mouth.

If that sounds like you, we can set a nonverbal signal so you can easily let us know when you need a break. It can be something simple, like raising your hand. That tells us to stop what we’re doing immediately. That can let you tell us something, like that you want more anesthetic, or just give you a moment to catch your breath.

At the end of the day, a lot of these strategies come down to a partnership between you and our team. If you feel nervous at all, don’t hesitate to let us know. That way, Dr. Day and our staff can use all of our own tips and tricks to make you as comfortable as possible. 

If you’re ready to have a better time at the dentist, we’re here. The next time you need dental care, call our office or request an appointment online

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