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A crown is a classic dental solution that serves a wide range of purposes. At Modern Day Dental in Santa Clara, California, Andrew Day, DDS, provides patients with high-quality crowns to reinforce damaged teeth and restore their oral health. To learn more about how Modern Day Dental can improve your smile with an aesthetic crown, schedule a consultation today by calling the office.

Crowns Q&A

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown is an artificial tooth cap that’s permanently bonded to an existing root structure, like a natural tooth root or a dental implant. A crown feels and functions just like a natural tooth, so once Dr. Day seals your aesthetic crown in place, you won’t even notice that you have it. 

Crowns are made from a wide range of materials including ceramic, composite, zirconia and gold. All have different advantages depending on your preferences and placement of the crown in your mouth. 

Dr. Day offers high-quality ceramic aesthetic crowns and restorations, which are incredibly strong and durable. He uses a biomimetic approach to preserve as much of your natural tooth tissue as possible. 

What do dental crowns do?

Dental crowns serve a wide range of purposes, like:

  • Replacing an unappealing tooth
  • Restoring function in a badly worn tooth
  • Strengthening a damaged tooth
  • Reinforcing a decayed tooth
  • Improving your ability to speak or chew
  • Attaching a bridge

At Modern Day Dental, Dr. Day also gives you a crown after you’ve had a root canal. That restores function to your tooth and reinforces its structural integrity.

How do you get a crown?

All it takes is a few office visits for Dr. Day to install your crown. He uses a local anesthetic to numb your tooth and the surrounding area before preparing the tooth to make room for the crown material. 

Once your tooth is prepared, Dr. Day takes an impression and sends it to a lab. The lab designs your crown to fit perfectly in your mouth and comfortably in your bite. He fits you with a temporary crown to wear while you wait for your permanent one to come back from the lab, which takes about a week. 

When your permanent crown arrives, you come back to Modern Day Dental for another visit. Dr. Day removes your temporary restoration, cleans your mouth, and places the permanent crown. He checks that the fit and bite are comfortable and accurate and seals it with dental cement. Once he’s done, you can eat, speak, and smile as soon as you leave the office.

Don’t wait any longer to get a smile that feels and looks great. Schedule a dental crown consultation with Modern Day Dental today by calling the office.