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One of the most effective ways to treat cavities is by filling them. In Santa Clara, California, at Modern Day Dental, Andrew Day, DDS, understands the importance of filling small cavities before they become too large. If you think you may have a cavity, contact Dr. Day so he can repair the damage with a tooth filling before infection sets in. To discuss your tooth filling options, call the office today.

Fillings Q&A

Why would I need a filling?

Dr. Day offers state-of-the-art tooth-colored fillings to repair cavities caused by tooth decay. 

A cavity occurs when poor brushing habits and excess sugar allow the bacteria in your mouth to thrive. When this happens, the bacteria's acidic byproducts can break down the enamel on your teeth. As a result, a small hole forms, which is called a cavity. 

If a cavity is left untreated, it can grow larger, cause infections or abscesses, and even lead to tooth loss.

Not all cavities will have symptoms, but you may experience:

  • Aching near tooth
  • Increased sensitivity
  • Pain while eating
  • Dark staining on tooth
  • Visible holes

If you’ve experienced any of these symptoms, schedule an appointment right away.

Dr. Day removes the decay and fills your cavity. By filling in the cavity, it stops the decay from spreading through the rest of your mouth and protects you from painful infections.

What kind of filling should I get?

There are many types of fillings available with differences in quality and durability. Some common materials include gold, amalgam, or porcelain.

At Modern Day Dental, Dr. Day only uses high-quality tooth-colored composite resin fillings. Not only do tooth-colored aesthetic fillings provide a more pleasing and natural appearance, but they’re also a more conservative restoration treatment.

When you opt for a tooth-colored composite filling, Dr. Day doesn’t need to remove as much of your tooth enamel before applying and sealing the filling.

What happens when getting a cavity filled?

Before filling a cavity, Dr. Day first needs to remove any decay from your tooth. After that, he begins filling the cavity with high quality, tooth-colored composite resin. 

With tooth-colored aesthetic fillings, Dr. Day selects a tint that matches the color of your natural teeth and carefully applies the resin to your tooth. He then checks your bite after curing the resin with a special light that hardens and seals the filling.

If you think you have a cavity or might need a filling replaced, call Modern Day Dental today for a consultation.